Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Less than 2 Weeks to Aug 13 Reunion

Thank you everyone for the responses till now. We have some pictures to add to the family scrap books started by Joe and Mary. We are trying to establish a headcount so the caterer has an idea of how many to prepare for. We will be making some phone call follow-up to some of you. Please continue to mail the checks and numbers to Stan.

Some family questions for all to bonder:
Who met at a wedding? Who fell in love while doing the Polka? Who met and fell in love while doing the daily family grocery shopping? Who met on a breezy beach when he offered to help light her cigarette? Who was told he had better propose or move on? Who met while assigned to a Midwest hospital? After he had proposed, who was told to leave the house and not come back until he was ready to be serious? Who met while both were playing guitar in a Country Band? Who nearly caused an incident when proposing on his knees on a city sidewalk one Sunday morning? Who fell in love while on a double date with others?

How many Mozdens are registered with Babies R Us and who are they?

What happened to our grandfather's brother Joesph who settled in Clinton, Massacuhusetts? Does he have descendents and where are they?

What is the significance of the novel Quo Vadis by Henryk Sienkiewicz to the Mozdens? (Quo Vadis was made into one the most popular movies of all time.) Do you know about the Katyn Massacre at the beginning of World War II? It is mentioned in the Polish Culture and History section of our family scrap book. Recent research has established that more than 25,000 Poles died there. What is the connection to our family? Or, what about the Nazi concentration camp, Dachua? What is its significance in Polish history? Mozden connection? And, why should we be in communication with New Zealand/Australia?

Do you know the answers to the questions about Mozden history? These are some of the questions that will be answered at the reunion.

Please note: While we encourage everyone to attend the Mass for the family at 9:30 AM, it is not required to attend the reunion at the Sts Peter & Paul School. There will be a light breakfast at the school following the Mass. Buffet lunch will be served beginning about 12:30 PM. Donna is preparing activities for the children (and some appropriate refreshments). There will be opportunities to tour the school and church and visit the cemetary where our grandparents are buried. Also, Stan and Cookie will be hosting a Saturday evening gathering to discuss Polish History, the Mozdens and see the TV movie, Burning Questions, a one hour film about the Poles in World War II. See some interesting and surprising accounts.

See you there.
Cookie, Donna, and Stan

Friday, June 30, 2006

Mozden Reunion August 13 Update

This is the second post about the Mozden Reunion August 13 in Three Rivers.

In the first the basic information was presented. This is a reminder and some additional information.

Some of you have sent in your RSVP and check. Thank you. For each we have noted your reservations and payment. Some have included family pictures as requested. They have been scanned on to the computer and will be returned to you. Cookie needs pictures for the photo family tree she is creating. And, we need early pictures for other items being done for the reunion. As has been done, all pictures will be scanned and the originals returned to you unchanged from the condition sent to us. They do not have to be perfect. Faded pictures can be repaired by the computer. Tattered pictures also are fine. Perhaps you have pictures of events that occurred where we are meeting: the Church and school. Weddings? Baptisms? School class pictures? The pictures posted with this message are amongst those recieved. Anybody know who, when, and where? Enter your guesses, stories, in Comments at the bottom of this message.

Attendance to the 9:30 AM Mass at SS Peter and Paul, which has been set to be for the family, is encouraged; however, it is not a requirement for attending the other events. Coffee and pastry (some will be Polish pastry, which is very good for those of you who may not be familiar with our ancestors foods) will be served beginning about 10:45 AM in the school. Follow the signs. There will be things for the very young as well as the older youngsters, outdoors, weather permitting, as well as indoors. Remember, besides providing a place for us to meet, the school and Church are places where many signficant family events occurred.

Saturday evening there will be a showing of "Burning Questions," the story of the Christian Poles in the Holocaust of World War II. It seems there is a connection to our family history. More about this will be forwarded and posted at this site.

There will be a table for displaying items to do with our Polish Heritage. If you have a contribution, bring it along. We will place it out for all to see and you will get it back when you leave. We are especially interested in things to do with our grandparents home town, Antonia (Antonja), Poland.

There is a possibility that we will have some surprise family guests. More about that later. Watch this site.

Remember, we are seeking your input. Please click on 'Comments' at the bottom of each message and enter your suggestions, comments, stories.

We are still seeking stories that tell how the Brothers and Sisters met and came to marry. Honeymoons? Where? When? Also, stories of their youth; how they helped one another, etc. Watch this site for the stories we have, beginning with Joe and Stan.

Information and questions may be submitted to any of the Reunion Committee:
-- Stanley Mozden, 35 Cleveland St., Saco, ME 04072
Tel: 207-284-0346 Email: smozden@maine.rr.com
-- Janice (Cookie) Birds, 873 Converse St., Longmeadow, MA 01106
Tel: 413-567-8388 Email: chwbr@comcast.net
-- Donna Sakowski,

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mozden Family Reunion August 13

Come to Three Rivers to celebrate the Mozdens 96th year in the US!!

See places of much family history. Meet relatives you have not seen for a long time. Have your children meet the extended family and learn our history.

Bring your scrapbooks; your tattered pictures; family recipes; your new family members.

We are especially seeking stories about the 10 Brothers and Sisters that we are all descendants from or directly linked to. How did they meet their spouses? What about the early years? What were they like as children? What about the stories of one helping another to go to college and medical school, nursing school? Put them on paper, post them here, bring them to the reunion to share.

Also, Cookie is working on a family picture tree. She needs pictures of each family: The Brothers and Sisters with their spouses and children; their children with their spouses and children, etc. Send the pictures to:
Stan Mozden
35 Cleveland Street
Saco, ME 04072

He will scan the pictures and return them to the owner. Cookie needs the pictures as soon as possible to have the time necessary to get the project finished for the reunion weekend.

Reunion Agenda:

  • 9:30 AM Mass for Mozden Family -- Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Three Rivers
  • See the church where the Mozdens were members, all were baptized, made first communions, many got married, and then attended.
  • 10:30 AM Coffee and breakfast pastries at the Catholic School next door to the Church.
  • Tours of where the Brothers and Sisters and other Mozdens went to school. Some of the pictures on the walls will have our relatives in them.
  • The school is located walking distance to the cemetary where the family plot is located.
  • 12:30 PM Lunch will be served. We have a cook who will present a variety of items, to include some traditional Polish dishes.
  • Story telling is to be a part of this event. Come with your family legends, remembered events, funny, tragic, success. We want them all. We will find a way to get them all out for everyone's enjoyment. (This is intended to be the beginning of a family history that will tell of one family's experience. Only you can tell your story! Fill in the blank pages.)
  • There will be some surprises for everyone!

FEES: $20 per adult; $5 per child (under 12). Please mail RSVP and checks to:

  • Stanley Mozden
  • 35 Cleveland Street
  • Saco, Maine 04072

The money will be used to pay for the food, make a donation to the church for the use of the school hall and to cover other expenses such as mailings.

Return frequently to this Blog for there will be updates. We will be providing more information about the reunion and about the family. Pictures and maps will be posted. Information about lodging and Saturday activities will be posted.

We are seeking everyone's input. This is your reunion. If you have questions or comments or wishes or suggestions, click on and enter your contribution. and enter your contribution. at the bottom of this message and enter your contribution. If you want something to be done, this is your chance to enter it.